Kay Sathienvantanee
Visual & Product Designer

Anywhere Bookmarklet


A bookmark feature for a pre-existing product, which allows users to create affiliated links to be placed... you guessed it, anywhere! 

With the Anywhere Bookmarklet, users drag the bookmarklet to their bookmark bar giving them a quicker way to affiliate their Anywhere links. Once on a merchant landing page, the only thing left to do is click on the bookmarklet. A dropdown widget appears to give you the proper affiliated link right on the spot, no more switching back and forth between screens.

I was partnered with an engineers to implement this feature. I started off with a wireframe highlighting all the essential tools user would need for this feature to be worth while, which are:

  • Being able to select between multiple campaigns.
  • Being able to switch between the affiliated link and a shortened version.
  • Being able to share immediately with a click of a button to the desired social media platform.


UX Design
UI Design

 Wireframes to Visuals for Anywhere Bookmarketlet

Wireframes to Visuals for Anywhere Bookmarketlet